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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need life preservers for the float trip?

No. We have life preservers, but it is recommended to bring your own for a correct fit for small children.

What do I need to bring for the float trip?

It is recommended you prepare for a day on the river.

Bring refreshments, drinking water, suntan lotion, bug repellant, water shoes, water tight case for cell phone, camera and anything else you don't want to get wet.

Basic first aid kit.

Last but not least a great attitude ready to play.


Can I bring a cooler on the river?

Yes. But you can not use Styrofoam coolers of any kind. The law is enforced strictly on this.

You may bring refreshments in plastic containers or aluminum only! No Glass!

If caught with either of these items you will be ticketed by river patrol.

Is there overnight camping on the river?

You can camp overnight on the river, but be warned that most of the shoreline on both sides of the river from drop off to Arapahoe Campsite area is mostly private land and not recommended.

Do you have firewood?

Yes. We cut our own and have it available on site.

Do you have ice on site?

Yes we have ice, as well as other basic supplies you may need.

Do you have covered sites?

Yes. We have single, double and triple pavilions. Most covered sites have electric hook up.  Please reserve before your stay.

Do you have emergency services?

Yes, we have local fire, ambulance, police departments that can respond to any emergency that may arise.

We also have air medivac if needed.

Arapaho Main Office has a basic first aid kit on hand.

Can I bring my own Canoe or Raft or Tube?

Yes you may. But we do charge to bring you to drop off point to float.

May I bring pets?

Yes. Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times, and owner must have full control of the animal when out of the tent or camper.

Any animal showing aggressive behavior or continuous loud barking towards any other persons at Arapaho campsite will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.

You must clean up your animals poop immediately.